How to Play Battleship Games

Battleship Game is a strategic game in which players place their own battleships and attack enemy ships by guessing. The left side is your sea area and the right side is the enemy's sea area. The objective is to sink all enemy ships.

First, you place five of your own ships. You can move and rotate your ships, so think of your own unique placement. There are five ships lined up in the enemy's waters on the right, but you do not know where they are. Guess and attack.

If you hit an enemy ship with a missile, you can continue to attack another point. However, if you miss, the right to attack will be transferred to your opponent.

The game progresses with the right of attack alternating. There are 5 stages, so please give it a try!

Rules of play

How to enjoy Battleship Game

Battleship Game is a fun game that can be played using strategic thinking and guessing. Please give it a try!